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Using athletics to minister, mentor, and impact children with a strong Christian foundation.

  • Creating an environment, to bridge gaps between families and cultures.
  • Experiencing a God given moment during our interactions and conversations with their child and seeing changes from within.
  • Seeing the parents of our Athletes increase their attendance to church by experiencing the Holy Spirit alive in and through our staff.


Space is Limited so HURRY!!!
Hear The Lions ROAR!

Become A Sponsor!! Contact Ministry Director Gregory G. Moore at 770.364.4213 for more information.

Featured Sport


I started at Victory World Athletics Ministry two years ago. I signed up my son Richard Quinland for basketball and my daughter Kayla Burmant for cheerleading. To my surprise I thought I was signing my children up for just sports but over time I came to find family and friends.

“Katty “

God is truly amazing… truly!! Allowing my children and me to share in this ministry has been an amazing journey, one I look forward to continuing. I almost walked right pass my blessing.


Being part of the Victory World Church athletics ministry has been so much more than sports for our family. Through basketball and cheer, my girls have grown spiritually, made new friends, and pushed themselves to become stronger and healthier.

“Lisa “

It’s been 8 years since the beginning and we’ve seen some leave and new people come aboard, but it’s always the same…..people who come into Victory World Athletics Ministry are on fire for God. We still have the closeness; the family atmosphere. I believe my children, as well as, myself are better people because of this ministry. Kudos to Coach Greg for the vision and to Rosa, his wife, for letting him run with it. You two are amazing!

“Paulette “

“I was not only taught the fundamentals of basketball but the fundamentals of Christianity. My coaches taught me how to do a lay-up as well as lay my burdens down for God to carry.”

“Dr. Sade “

“I am so blessed to have been a part of this ministry and the lives of the directors”

“Adeola “